Curved surface precision dispensing of mobile phone midframe



This project is one of the typical application scenarios of ORIGITECH's complex trajectory control system in the 3C industry. The combination of complex trajectory control system, AOS-Vision software and dispensing control system provides a high-precision solution for dispensing of mobile phone midframe, which makes dispensing of water drop screen, bangs screen and curved screen easy to realize.

Features of the solution

  • The rapid import of mobile phone midframe and automatic generation of dispensing trajectory shorten the commissioning time to only 2 days

  • With RTCP technology to ensure the best posture relationship between dispensing machine and workpiece during the processing

  • Dispensing control algorithms such as constant speed control, constant height control, constant glue volume control at variable speed, path look-ahead control, production cycle optimization based on small data analysis, etc.

  • Positioning accuracy: 0.03mm. Linear speed: 500mm/s

  • This solution has become a standard product with main components of AOS-RioD®️, AOS-Control, AOS-Vision and dispensing valve control, etc.

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