Charger appearance defect inspection



This project is another typical application scenario of ORIGITECH's complex trajectory control system in the 3C industry. The combination of complex trajectory control system, AOS-Vision software and line scan camera makes ORIGITECH Industry the First to use line scan camera for appearance inspection of complex curved surface.

Features of the solution

  • Ultra-short commissioning time of 2 days, which is far less than the average consumption of 8 weeks in the traditional case

  • It is cost competitive since only one 2D line scan camera is required

  • Make full use of high scan rate and high resolution of the 2D line scan camera to achieve high-quality inspection

  • The motion control algorithm ensures the best posture and distance of the test object and testing machine all the time, as well as optimizes inspection trajectory and inspection cycle

  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm. Inspection cycle: 2.5s

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