Shinning In CIIE, Win-Win World – ORIGITECH leads new breakthroughs in Industrial AI with scientific and technological innovation  



From November 5th to 10th, ORIGITECH left the mark with next-gen control solution for precise automation at the 4th China International Import Expo.


Small booth with big opportunity, breakthrough from Innovation Incubation Zone

Starting from 2018 to 2021, CIIE has become an important platform for the "World Debut and China's first exhibition" of global new products, new technologies and new services.

Different from previous years, this year's CIIE has set up an innovation incubation zone for the first time, providing a " maker space " for high-quality innovative minor enterprises around the world.  With the help of the CIIE, domestic demand can be connected closely with high-quality resources broad to promote the innovative development, transformation and upgrading of domestic industries.

ORIGITECH entered Innovation Incubation Zone and broke through from numerous excellent enterprises with her core product of complex curved surface precision machining solution. At present, our products and solutions have launched in 3C, panels and other industrial fields. Moreover, the strong spillover effect of global platform of CIIE, , especially the attention brought by exhibiting together with giant enterprises, gives ORIGITECH more expectations.


ORIGITECH Booth 4.1B7-008

On the 5th, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan visited the booth of ORIGITECH.  Mr. Wang praised the innovation and leadership of the true five axis dispensing machine, and encouraged ORIGITECH to continue to carry forward the spirit of scientific and technological innovation and contribute to "made in China".


We are honored to have Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of Commerce (third from left) to visit our booth.

This multi-axis dispensing machine is a typical product powered by AutomationOS©. ORIGITECH provides a turn-key control solution for precise dispensing on irregular geometry. This machine is composed of a 5-axis precise rotary positioning structure, with vision and dispensing components. To achieve precise dispensing along complex trajectories, ORIGITECH's next generation motion control (AOS-Control), industrial digital twin software (AOS-RioD®️), and advanced calibration system (AOS-Calibration) are used. It aroused strong response and became the focus of the innovation incubation zone, attracting numerous visitors to visit and exchange.  


multi-axis dispensing machine


face-to-face communication

In addition, our products attracted a lot of media to interview. Shanghai Dragon TV reported the multi-axis dispensing machine in detail for the first time, and Song Kaijun, the product director, showed and discussed the function and application of the product vividly in the live program.  

Dragon TV

Zhejiang Satellite TV

Technology enabled made in China

As we have been talking about, "Compared with some big exhibitors, we can focus on one point, and the innovation will be better than them." As a start-up intelligent technology company, ORIGITECH has been adhering to one goal, that is, to work hard in the field of industrial artificial intelligence and complex trajectory control to achieve excellence。We hope we can assume a mission to make the country strong by the science and technology together with more like-minded people.