Invitation of The 4th China International Import Expo




The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is coming, on November 5-10, 2021 in the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. ORIGITECH is invited and our next-gen control solution for precise automation will be presented.

ORIGITECH is developing next generation control technology &-solutions for precise automation. We are a high-tech start-up, targeting the manufacturing industry. Our vision is to automate automation by adopting the paradigm “software defines manufacturing". With our AutomationOS©, we solve the next-generation automation challenges of high-quality in complex applications by combining advanced control and industrial AI. To make manufacturing easy, we provide four core technologies: AutomationOS© platform, advanced control, industrial digital twin software, and turn-key control solutions.


This multi-axis dispensing machine is a typical product powered by AutomationOS©. ORIGITECH provides a turn-key control solution for precise dispensing on irregular geometry. This machine is composed of a 5-axis precise rotary positioning structure, with vision and dispensing components. To achieve precise dispensing along complex trajectories, ORIGITECH's next generation motion control (AOS-Control), industrial digital twin software (AOS-RioD®️), and advanced calibration system (AOS-Calibration) are used.

Looking forward to meeting YOU at our Booth 4.1B7-008!