Industrial Machine Intelligent Control System AOS

Industrial machine intelligent control system AutomationOS© (AOS for short) is an open platform that efficiently realizes the development and integration of industrial automation and intelligent system, and the development and application of industrial applications (industrial APP). The main goal of AOS is to meet the high-quality and complex requirements of "new automation", while making the machine easier to use and saving the commissioning time and cost. It contains a wealth of HMIs, algorithm libraries, device drivers, industrial APP, and multiple interfaces for other industrial software and protocols. The professional knowledge and special methods of automation control and industrial artificial intelligence are integrated in AOS software, they are easy to call, iterate and manage incrementally.

As the carrier of AOS software, AOS provides a series of hardware such as motion control cards, motion controllers, industrial PCs, IO modules, teach pendant, calibration sensors, etc., which supports developers to develop the industrial applications quickly and efficiently. Industrial applications such as AOS dispensing control solution, AOS detecting control solution, AOS laser cutting control solution and AOS polishing control solution are all developed and implemented based on AOS.

AOS Solution

  • Dispensing

  • Measurement and Control

  • Laser cutting

  • Polishing

AOS Software

  • AOS-RioD®

  • AOS-Control-Motion

  • AOS-Control-Robot

  • AOS-Control-Motion-API

  • AOS-Control-Calibration

  • AOS-Vision

AOS Hardware

  • EtherCAT Motion Control Card

  • Pulse Motion Control Card

  • Motion Controller

  • IPC

  • Teach Pendant

  • IO Module

  • Calibration Sensor