Industrial Machine Intelligent Control System AOS

Pulse Motion Control Card

AOS pulse motion control card is a motion control unit based on PCI bus for stepper motor and servo motor control. It takes high-performance DSP and FPGA as co-processors for path planning. It supports high-speed point positioning and continuous trajectory motion control. It has various functions such as multi-axis synchronized motion control, interpolation control, PSO, control parameters setting etc., and provides various library files under VC, VB, C# and other development environments for users’ secondary development.

  • 4 or 8-axis motion control

  • DSP high-speed motion planning

  • FPGA for multi-axis synchronized control

  • Motion planning of Trap, Jog and Gear

  • Motion planning of Follow, TP and PVT

  • 2-axis linear and circular interpolation, 3- and 4-axis linear interpolation and spatial spiral interpolation

  • Creation of multiple interpolation coordinate systems simultaneously

  • With look-ahead preprocessing algorithm, backlash compensation and pitch error compensation

Number of controllable axes



Control method

Pulse, analog

Control cycle

1ms (pulse)/125us (analog)

Pulse output


Analog output

-10V~+10V, 16bit

Analog input

8, -10V~+10V, 16bit (Optional)



three-phase differential signal with max. frequency of 4MHz

Motion control interface signals

Positive and negative limit, origin signal, driver deadman, driver alarm, driver reset

Hardware signals

Encoder index signal, home signal

Auxiliary encoder


Position compare output


Standard IO

16 inputs, 16 outputs (optocoupler isolation)

Expanded IO

up to 256 (optocoupler isolation)

High-speed IO


Motion control

Trap, PT, interpolation, 5-axis, PSO


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