Industrial Machine Intelligent Control System AOS

Complex Trajectory Motion Control AOS-Control

AOS-Control is core for ORIGITECH to realize complex trajectory control and it is also one of the core software components for AutomationOS©, which supports the motion control of non-standard multi-axis machine and industrial robots. Its main components are:

1. AOS-Control-Motion for motion control with RTCP

2. AOS-Control-Robot for industrial robot control

3. AOS-Control-Calibration for automatic calibration

4. AOS-Control-Motion-API for secondary development of users

  • Motion control algorithm of multi-axis machine with RTCP function

  • Motion and kinematic control algorithm of standard industrial robot

  • Available for more than 700 non-standard models

  • Optimization of the acceleration and deceleration performance of the machine with speed look-ahead algorithm

  • High dynamic and precision smooth control with micro line segments trajectory algorithm

  • Optimization of path planning with machine learning

  • Can easily achieve high-precision, high-flexibility and high-quality processing on tube, arc and other irregular shaped product

  • Reduction of commissioning time by up to 80% by combining with AOS-RioD®️

  • Improvement of production efficiency by 20%

  • 10 times faster on machine development and processsing based on realtime data analysis with machine learning algorithms


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